Mercury® 100 Xtreme

Product Code: QM100X

The Qbitus Mercury 100 Xtreme is a seating component with a more aggressively dynamic profile than the standard Mercury 100, designed for low to medium risk users needing a high degree of posture control, incorporating built in adduction and abduction, shaped to enhance the maximum surface contact area for an even pressure distribution and where the self transferral process is not an option or an issue.

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Qbitus Mercury 100 Xtreme Wheelchair Cushion
Vapour permeable, clinically proven breathable cover Gives easy maintenance and necessary two-way stretch capability
Printed instructions and information Provides a quick glance ease of use
Concealed zip Helps prevent fluid contamination
Durable heavy duty zip, incorporating a bright yellow slider Easier to see, locate and use
Vapour permeable, thermoplastic membrane Gives clinical protection against contamination
Non-slip base For added security and greater client confidence
Integrated handle Aids easy transportation and mobility
Rolled edge cover Greater comfort and appearance
A moulded, highly contoured seat insert Aids an even pressure distribution with built in enhanced adduction, abduction and general posture control
Sizes Up to 20”x18”. Larger sizes are available upon request. Height is approximately 2 ” in the seating area, bariatric sizes may be thicker to accommodate higher loadings
Cover The cover is constructed from a vapour permeable clinically proven material, chosen for its medical performance, durability and ease of use. It is fitted with a heavy duty concealed zip with an easy to reach and use bright yellow slider in a concealed envelope. A non slip base and inner vapour permeable liner are added for security and hygiene. All relevant safety, clinical and maintenance information is boldly printed on the rear
Foam Insert A low profile moulded cold cure foam chosen for its characteristics of durability, control, long term comfort and reliability
Risk Category High
Weight Guide For maximum comfort, durability and performance the weight guide on a 17”x17” cushion is 17-18 stone (108-114kg)
Support Pressure 1 ½” per square inch at 50% compression or deflection
Linear Load Limit 31 stone (196kg) on a typical 17”x17” cushion

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