Building on the success of the established Mercury Range of cushions, Qbitus Products Ltd have designed and developed the Mercury Xtreme Range.

Where the original version is designed to accommodate transferral procedures and where mobility is essential or desired whilst still providing a high degree of posture control and pressure performance. The Mercury Xtreme range promotes superior posture control, performance, durability and comfort making the Mercury Xtreme range one of the most cost effective choices available today.

Our Products

Mercury® Xtreme Junior

A contoured, multi-layered cushion range giving excellent posture and lateral control by way of fixed adduction, abduction and extended

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Mercury® 50 Xtreme

An ultra low profiled cushion with more aggressive shaping and contouring than the standard Mercury 50, providing excellent pressure

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Mercury® 100 Xtreme

A seating component with a more aggressively dynamic profile than the standard Mercury 100, designed for low to medium

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Mercury® 150 Xtreme

Designed to be used for medium risk clients the Mercury 150 Xtreme uses a high quality reflex foam as

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Mercury® 175 Xtreme

A highly contoured seating component with a more aggressive profile , adduction and abduction facilities than the standard Mercury

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Mercury® 200 Xtreme

A highly contoured seating component offering greater posture control and support than the standard Mercury 200 while maintaining the

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Mercury® 300 Xtreme

A highly contoured seating component designed for high risk clients with particular attention given to the IT area and

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