The Mercury range of seating components were designed to offer high quality, high performance products at a competitive price, without compromising integrity.

The range consists of products designed for specific types of application, from low risk to high risk, linear designs to seating with posture control, low profile to extreme profile, paediatric to large adult, seat cushioning to backrests.

Mercury range uses high quality materials from the automotive and furniture industry as well as modern memory foams and gels. Covering materials range from
clinically proven breathable stretch materials to new age comfort fabrics. All the products in the Mercury range come with all relevant technical, care and directional
information, which is screen printed on the rear and side of the product.

Our Products

Mercury® Junior

A paediatric positional component, aimed at providing posture control The Mercury Junior offers long term durability, stability, comfort and

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Mercury® 50

An ultra low profile cushion designed for low to medium risk users who may need some

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Mercury® 100

A cushion designed for low to medium risk users possibly needing some degree of posture control without inhibiting the

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Mercury® 150

Designed to be used for medium risk clients using the natural ischial bar to maintain correct positioning and where

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Mercury® 175

To be used where posture control is the main objective but where IT protection is a consideration, while still

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Mercury® 200

Designed where general pressure relief, together with a good degree of posture control, while maintaining a low profile is

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Mercury® 300

A cushion designed for high risk users, with particular emphasis on the IT area, and possibly needing some degree

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Mercury® Posture Back

Designed to give long term lumbar comfort and lateral support

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Mercury® Lumbar Pad

A cost effective product giving long term comfort and support in the lumbar and lateral region

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