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Qbitus Castle-Tops Wheelchair Cushion

The Qbitus Castle-Tops cushion is constructed in either high grade RX39 (med) or CM60 (firm) The Castle-Top range have a

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Cold Mould

Qbitus Cold Mould Wheelchair Cushion

The Qbitus Cold Mould cushions is a high quality and very durable foam insert manufactured to your specific size

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Pin Core

Qbitus Pin Core Wheelchair Cushion

Pin Core The Qbitus Pin Core cushion is an extremely comfortable product with good air circulation,

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Qbitus Qbi-Flex Wheelchair Cushion

The Qbitus Qbi-Flex cushion is a linear, high performance, cost effective memory foam product giving

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Qbitus Qbi-Gel Wheelchair Cushion

The Qbitus Qbi-Gel cushion is an extremely comfortable, low profile, high risk cushion It has a safety feature of

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Lateral Support System

Qbitus Wheelchair Lateral Support System

The Qbitus Lateral Support System is a back cushion constructed of 1” RX39, comfort foam, backed with 1mm ABS

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Halifax Chest Strap

Qbitus Halifax Chest Strap for Wheelchairs

The Qbitus Halifax Chest Strap has a safety overlap which enables the carer to ensure greater security if required,

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Halifax Groin Harness

Qbitus Halifax Groin Harness for Wheelchairs

The Qbitus Halifax Groin Harness provides excellent control of extensor thrust and adductor spasm, it also helps to prevent

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Qbitus Sunmate Wheelchair Cushion

The Qbitus Sunmate cushion is manufactured using organic material from renewable and sustainable resources and low or toxic free

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Qbitus Pudgee Wheelchair Cushion

The Qbitus Pudgee cushion is a unique load distributing foam supported by a high grade Reflex Foam, and finished

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