Lateral Support System

Lateral Support System

Lateral Support System

The back cushion is constructed of 1” RX39, comfort foam, backed with 1mm ABS plastic for flexibility and Lateral rigidity. The thoracics are constructed from A grade 8lb chip foam for strength and comfort.

The Lateral Support System consists of a Velcro faced backrest, which has an integral stiffener and two Velcro attached thoracic supports.

The unique contour of the thoracic pads ensures a snug fit to assist the user’s posture when they lean back into the chair.

Correct alignment is achieved by adjusting pad position to suit the user’s needs.
Unequal pad sizes can be supplied.

Sizes:    Any Size Available

Cover:    Black spacer cover as standard.
All are removable with a zip.
Other covers such as vapour permeable material can be specified.

Application:    To give a low/medium amount of assistance and support.

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