Community Three

Community Three

Community Three

The Community Three, like the Community One and Two is a bi-directional cushion constructed in a multi layer format.

However, the layers are purely made up from world leading memory foams, the inner core is a polymeric gel foam, its characteristics are unequalled pressure distribution (load spreader) whilst the outer two layers of memory foam have a unique ability to not only spread load but to support load (load bearing).

Unlike almost all other memory foams, both are temperature stable, therefore their characteristics remain constant regardless of extreme temperatures

The Community Three is able to be installed almost without error or risk to the user. The product goes above and beyond the design directive for the Community range, ensuring excellent levels of comfort, performance, durability, and safety.

Sizes:    Up to 18” x 18”. All 3” in thickness unless specified. Larger sizes available POA.

Cover:    Vapour permeable cover complete with a concealed heavy duty zip and internal vapour permeable thermo plastic liner.

Risk Category*:    High, especially where very heavy clients are being considered.

Weight Guide†:    For maximum comfort, durability and performance the weight guide on a 17” x 17” is 20 stone (127kg)

Support Pressure:    1¾ lbs per square inch at 50% compression or deflection

Linear Load Limit:    34 stone (216kg) on a typical 17”x17” cushion

Availability:    Individually or in bulk (bulk prices by negotiation)

* Risk categories are given as a guide and rely on your judgement and experience.
† Weight Guides are a general indication of an ideal user weight to give optimum durability, comfort and performance; it is not a definitive or maximum value.
(This product has been tested to 325lb (146kg) without failure).

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