Constructed in either high grade RX39 (med) or CM60 (firm)

The Castle-Top range have a flat base. The Castle-Top Plus versions have an integral crescent to take up any canvas sag.

Sizes:    Up to 18”x18”. Castle-Top is 3” in thickness. Castle-Top Plus is 3½” (2” + 1½” crescent). Larger sizes available POA.

Cover:    Vapour permeable material for convenience. Each cover is equipped with a highly visible heavy duty zip and a vapour permeable thermo plastic liner for extra protection, both finished off with a non slip base for added security. All relevant safety and maintenance information screen printed on the rear of the cover.

Foam Insert:    High grade modern reflex foams, either RX39 or CM60 depending on suitability.
This is chosen for its reliability. Castle-Top with flat base. Castle-Top Plus with crescent base.

Risk Category*:    Low/medium

Weight Guide†:
For maximum comfort, durability and performance the weight guide on a 17” x 17” is:
S46 – Castle-Top (med) – 16 Stone (102kg) | S45 – Castle-Top (firm) – 20 Stone (127kg)
S44 – Castle-Top Plus (med) – 16 Stone (102kg)
S43 – Castle-Top Plus (firm) – 20 Stone (127kg)

Support Pressure:
Med – 1¼ lb per square inch at 50% compression or deflection
Firm – 1½ lb per square inch at 50% compression or deflection
Linear Load Limit:    Med – 31 stone (197kg) on a typical 17”x17” cushion
Firm – 31 stone (197kg) on a typical 17”x17” cushion

* Risk categories are given as a guide and rely on your judgement and experience.
† Weight Guides are a general indication of an ideal user weight to give optimum durability, comfort and performance; it is not a definitive or maximum value.
(This product has been tested to 325lb (146kg) without failure).

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