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The Qbitus Qbi-Gel cushion is an extremely comfortable, low profile, high risk cushion. It has a safety feature of being multi directional, and comes complete with a specialised cover which helps dissipate heat and moisture using natural ventilation. Recommended for clients who would not normally accommodate a gel product.

It is a multi layered cushion constructed from Sunmate, a leading memory foam, with an envelope of hi tech gel. This provides excellent pressure distribution properties and shear reduction neccessary for high risk client care. The Qbi-Gel is an extremely low-profile product (typically 1½”) which has little effect on the wheelchair seating aspect, therefore not inhibiting the transferral process. It also comes complete with a non slip base and an inner thermo plastic vapour permeable liner.

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Qbitus Qbi-Gel Wheelchair Cushion
Spacer cover Promotes heat and moisture dissipation, whilst utilising the padded construction to enhance comfort
Concealed zip Prevents fluid contamination
Durable heavy duty zip, incorporating a bright yellow slider Easier to see, locate and use
Vapour permeable, thermoplastic membrane Gives clinical protection against contamination
Sunmate core Provides a high load bearing memory foam
Gel envelope Gives high performance and safety in application
Non-slip base For added security and greater client confidence
Sizes The Qbi-Gel comes in 16”x16”, 17”x17”, 18”x16”, 18”x17” and 20”x18” only. All cushions are 1 ½” in thickness
Cover High-tech spacer material which gives excellent air circulation and comfort complete with a non slip base, heavy duty concealed zip and slider, with an inner thermo plastic vapour permeable liner
Foam Insert High grade Sunmate memory foam, enveloped in gel
Risk Category Very High
Weight Guide For maximum comfort, durability and performance the weight guide on a 17” x 17” is 30 Stone (191kg)
Support Pressure 1¾ lbs per square inch at 50% compression or deflection
Linear Load Limit 34 stone (216kg) on a typical 17”x17” cushion

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