Dynamic Optimus

Dynamic Optimus

The Optimus is designed for the high risk client. As with the previous model of the Optimus it is a step up from the Interum, utilizing the same basic design criteria. However the Optimus marries Flow-gel technology with polymeric gel foam. This marriage of components provides for an ultimate combination of reactionary capabilities to any given shape. This provides optimum protection, comfort and enhanced control.

Sizes:    Up to 18“ x 18”. All cushions are 4¾” in thickness. Larger sizes available (flat or crescent based).

Cover:    A spacer cover is issued as standard equipment, chosen for its superior heat and moisture dissipation and bringing with it a high degree of comfort, trimmed with piping and vapour permeable side banding, constructed on a non slip base for
added security and incorporating a high visibility quality zip and slider, concealed for increased clinical performance. A vapour permeable thermo plastic interliner is clearly printed on the rear of the main cover.

Foam Insert:    A low profile moulded and laminated contrustion using a triple layer of materials that are combined to provide the ultimate in fit, pressure distribution and the reduction of shearing forces.

Risk Category*:    High

Weight Guide†:    For maximum comfort, durability and performance the weight guide on a 17” x 17” is 20 stone (127kg)

Support Pressure:    1½lbs per square inch at 50% compression or deflection

Linear Load Limit:    31 stone (197kg) on a typical 17”x17” cushion

* Risk categories are given as a guide and rely on your judgement and experience.
† Weight Guides are a general indication of an ideal user weight to give optimum durability, comfort and performance; it is not a definitive or maximum value.
(This product has been tested to 325lb (146kg) without failure).

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