Mercury 150 Xtreme


Mercury 150 Xtreme

Designed to be used for medium risk clients the Mercury 150 Xtreme uses a high quality reflex foam as a load bearing support base. Shaped to produce a natural Ischial bar to help maintain for and aft positioning. The side bolsters incorporated within the seating area within the Mercury 150 Xtreme helps to provide superb lateral support, often missing in memory foam seating products. A quality memory foam is located in the seating well to protect the vulnerable I.T. area. An ideal choice for when an aggressive profile is not required.

Sizes: Up to 20”x18”. Larger sizes are available upon request. Height is approximately 3” in the seating area, bariatric sizes may be thicker to accommodate higher loadings.

Cover: The cover is constructed from a vapour permeable clinically proven material, chosen for its medical performance, durability and ease of use. It is fitted with a heavy duty concealed zip with an easy to reach and use bright yellow slider in a
concealed envelope. A non slip base and inner vapour permeable liner are added for security and hygiene. All relevant safety, clinical and maintenance information is boldly printed on the rear.

Foam Insert: Constructed of a high quality reflex foam base with the addition of memory foam for protection, high load bearing foam for control and a soft finishing foam for comfort.

Risk Category*: Medium risk with posture control

Weight Guide†: For maximum comfort, durability and performance the weight guide on a 17”x17” cushion is 15-16 stone (95-102kg)

Support Pressure: 1¼ lb per square inch at 50% compression or deflection (1½lb with modification)

Linear Load Limit: 26 stone (164kg) on a typical 17”x17” cushion

* Risk categories are given as a guide and rely on your judgement and experience.
† Weight Guides are a general indication of an ideal user weight to give optimum durability,
comfort and performance; it is not a definitive or maximum value.
(This product has been tested to 325lb (146kg) without failure).

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