This medium to high risk product can be used for any individual who has an existing pressure sore or is in the category of “At Risk”. With an enviable reputation, long-term pedigree, development and years of use by experienced medics, the DEBBONAIR has helped to promote and assist the healing of open wounds at an impressive rate.

This is achieved by the cells conforming to any profile presented, spreading the load on a maximum surface area and encouraging ultimate immersion and reducing the inherent interface pressures often found when using common foams. This product is highly recommended for anyone in the high-risk category whereby the user is required to be seated for long periods.

This cushion is available in both single and twin valve modes. The single valve version is ideal for users who sit symmetrically and are able to reposition and correct their posture. Whilst the twin valve is ideal for users who are unable to sit symmetrically or have bony projections, giving them additional stability and comfort via the duo-independent inflatable sections.

Sizes:    40cmx40cmx10cm,    44cmx40cmx10cm,    46x46x10cm,   48x44x10cm.

Inflamability:    Crib 5 tested and passed

Washability:    Hand wash only if valve is completely closed, wash cover to 30 degrees, dry naturally away from direct sunlight, do not dry clean

Sterilisation:    Autoclavable by gas

Pressure Relief:    High Risk

Hypoallergenic:    Anti fungal and Anti bacterial, Hospital grade PVC with high frequency welding

Risk of instability:    Do not overinflate. Follow operating instructions

Max Weight:    20 stone (127kg)

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