Contour & Super Contour

Contour & Super Contour

Contour & Super Contour

Contours and Super Contours are laminated using three specific types of foam. The base foam of Sunmate, chosen for it’s unique ability in the viscous foam world of being low memory and high load bearing, high shock absorption while remaining both light and durable.
Pudgee being the second layer, a polymer gel, this is the ultimate in low memory foams giving excellent weight distribution and minimising shearing forces while keeping skin tissue cool. Topped with a soft layer of reflex foam to give that ultra comfort and to provide a thermal break. The Super Contour goes one step better, and castillates this layer to further enhance its shear reduction capabilities. It’s this attention to detail that makes Contour and the Super Contour the masters of their type. High load bearing low profile, relatively light weight and yet comfortable and durable. Rated up to very high risk categories it is aimed at the client in the high risk category with a problem compounded by weight.

Sizes:    Up to 18”x18”. All cushions are 3” in thickness. Custom-made shapes and sizes available (eg. wedged or ramped). Larger sizes available POA.

Cover:    Vapour permeable cover as standard, towelling material on request, vapour permeable thermo plastic liner. All relevant technical, directional and care information is clearly printed on the rear of the cover.

Foam Insert:    Multi layer, temperature stable, low memory foam. Excellent pressure distribution and shear reduction.

Risk Category*:    High. Ideal for people who prefer firmer seating or are accompanied with weight problems.

Weight Guide†:    For maximum comfort, durability and performance the weight guide on a 17” x 17” is 20 stone (127kg). Can be custom-made for up to 70-80 stone (445-508kg)

Support Pressure:    1 ¾ lb per square inch at 50% compression or deflection

Linear Load Limit:    36 stone (229kg) on a typical 17”x17” cushion

* Risk categories are given as a guide and rely on your judgement and experience.
† Weight Guides are a general indication of an ideal user weight to give optimum durability, comfort and performance; it is not a definitive or maximum value.
(This product has been tested to 325lb (146kg) without failure).

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