The Community range of cushioning was specifically designed with community nursing and practices in mind.

The design brief was to develop a product range where comfort, performance, durability and safety were integral elements to all items.

In the Community range of cushioning, comfort is achieved by using carefully selected materials which are suitable for long-term use, whilst being easy to maintain and hygienic.

The choice of raw materials also enhances the performance, making sure they are appropriate to the risk factor and load bearing qualities of the particular item.

As with every Qbitus product, the design and construction of the Community range ensures high durability, whilst conforming to all present safety regulations.

All relevant care, safety and directional information is included with the product.

Community Product Range

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Community One

Community OneThe Community One is a special bi-directional cushion constructed in multi-layer format, consisting of both reflex and memory foams. This results in an extremely comfortable and high-performance product with the added bonus of making installation very user friendly. This product […]

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Community Two

Community TwoThe Community Two is similar to the Community One in that it is a bi-directional product, constructed in a multi layer format. The cushion uses some of the highest performing memory foams available worldwide, making it one of the finest […]

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Community Three

Community ThreeThe Community Three, like the Community One and Two is a bi-directional cushion constructed in a multi layer format. However, the layers are purely made up from world leading memory foams, the inner core is a polymeric gel foam, its […]

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Community Gel Cushion

Community Gel CushionThe Community Gel is a bi-directional product that is almost impossible to fit incorrectly, a major advantage to the busy carer, vulnerable client and concerned clinician. Utilising UK manufactured high grade memory foam with supporting reflex foam and the integration […]

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Community Gel Cushion Two

The Community Gel Two is a bi-directional product making incorrect installation virtually impossible, a major advantage to the busy carer, vulnerable client and concerned clinician. The Community Gel Two is constructed using some of the world’s highest performing and respected […]

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